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Onondage Cave, photo by Timothy K Hamilton, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Missouri has more than 6000 caves.

HAIKU Collection(2)

Woods, rivers, clouds....the natural wonders of Missouri

John Sandbach

new moon

thin and sharp

as broken glass



細く 鋭い

ガラスの 破片


before it is opened

full of darkness



割られる 前の


acid green lichen

on the tree

lizard spirits hiding


鮮やかな 緑苔

木を 這う

トカゲの心 かくして

on the snow

the moon

becomes stars



星つぶに 変わる

thunder echoing

through night's

vast cave


とどろく 雷鳴


夜の 洞窟に


carrying sky

over earth



空を はこぶ

地を おおいながら

with aches and creaks

the grass-green snake

of spring uncoils


うずきながら きしみながら


身をほどく 春

beneath lake's skin


from between the stars




両の星 つなぐ

ocean's voice

making moon thirsty


海原の 声に

月 渇きを 覚える

autumn dusk

the forest getting

larger and larger


秋の 夕暮れ


嵩を 増していく

sewing the torn futon

the evening rain keeps falling


フトンを かがる

夕雨が 降りつづく

haw at dusk

tree's black arteries

drink the sky


夕ぐれに とける

黒い 動脈

空を 飲む木

winter gray

turning someplace

into nowhere


冬の 灰色



winter dusk

lighting the candles

creates more gloom


冬の 日暮れ

ロウソクに 火をともす

闇が 濃くなる

summer woods

so still I can hear

the spider's music



あまりの 静けさに

クモの音楽 聞きとる

From "Step into Sky" by John Sandbach (web version)

Also POD book version is available,  "Step into Sky" published in 2012.

Latin font of haiku is "MUMU font" produced by Project MUMU that is one of Shibuya Font project.  Shibuya Font is public data produced by disabled people and students of graphic design living and working in Shibuya.  The activities of Shibuya Project won the Good Design Award in 2019.

​欧文フォント:MUMU font by project MUMU:Shibuya Font(渋谷区内の障がいのある人とデザイン学生が制作したフォント)の中の一つを使用させていただいています。葉っぱの坑夫トップページでも、同じフォントが一部に使われています。Shibuya Projectの取り組みは、2019年度のグッドデザイン賞を受賞しています。

MUMU font
John Snadbach bio-e

John Sandbach

Born in San Francisco, California, and moved to Kansas City, Missouri when he was eighteen months old. The first thing he ever wanted to do was play the piano, and studied it from the age of seven to the age of eighteen. He especially loves to play Bach.  He went to the University of Missouri at Kansas City and majored in art history.  He has been a professional astrologer since 1966, and written six books on astrology and various metaphysical subjects.  He loves writing and reading poetry, especially Japanese poetry.

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