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Ryo Kisaka Poetry


英訳詩 / English translation from the Japanese

2001 - 2011

1:00 P.M.

Translated by Ruth E. Foley and Kazue Daikoku


This poem was written about the time when the author studied abroad, in the United States. After English class she(the author) talked with her classmate, Doumbia under the tree. Each one speaks of her hometown. The original text of this poem is written in Japanese, but actually these two women had to speak in English, which is not their mother tongue. So the translation into English brings back their original conversation. 




Translated by Ruth E. Foley and Kazue Daikoku


Like '1:00 P.M.' this poem is written about the time when the author lived in New York City. It is also about her grandmother in Japan. Two places intersect, connected by aged women both in NYC and Japan, with desolation and pain in the author's mind. The translators, Ruth and Kazue, talked much about aged people in their own country and felt many cultural differences between the two when they were translating this poem. 

Seven pieces of “One Day”

Translated by Alex Jones and Kazue Daikoku


Seven pieces of poems are excerpted from a collection of 48 poems starting with "One Day." One day you buy something, one day you bathe a cat, one day you climb a tree with your lover.  You may be asked the way here and there one day, you may be in zoo one day in Paris or Memphis or Taipei or  Ueno.  One day can be the day you were born or you left your parents house. Each one day is seemingly small thing, but you will have a bird's-eye view of how people are living on earth when you read through all the poems.


1:00 PM











Ryo Kisaka is a poet who lives in Tokyo. She self-published her first book, and her second poetry book was awarded the Hanatsubaki Contemporary Poetry Prize in Japan.  She continues writing poems and publishing poetry books, and writes essays, children's stories and translates a lot of picture books into Japanese.

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